Wednesday, 27 May 2015

How to avoid an exam panic attack

We all have to go through it, the dreaded exam period. For me this consists of comfy pyjama bottoms, drinking tea by the bucket load and getting distracted by a dust particle that flies by, because it's way more interesting than the school books in front of me.

I'm going to show you a few ways that help me de-stress during the exams. I hope you find some of these tips useful!
Remember people: do your best, and you'll be packing for your holidays before you know it.

Tip 1:

Take regular breaks; this will make your study time more effective. I get distracted so easily if I've been sitting behind my desk for hours on end. By taking a short break after an about hour and a half, you'll have time to process the study matter and you'll give your hard-working brain a rest. Now make sure you don't cheat; studying for 15 min and then taking a 30min break does NOT count!

Tip 2:

Be organised, make sure your workspace is tidy. Your workplace is the reflection of  your mind, tidy working area equals tidy mind :). It'll just make your life so much easier when you're desperately looking for that one pink marker.

Tip 3:

Do some yoga; after you've finished your work or during the study breaks. It'll get your mind off of that one stupid word or math formula that just doesn't fit inside of your brain anymore. If you're a yoga noob then I can not advise you enough to go and watch Adriene on Youtube. Her channel is called Yoga with Adriene. She's a pro when it comes to all things yoga and she explains every pose into detail. Even I can perform these poses, and I'm a no balance kind of person.

Tip 4: 

Have plenty of healthy, but yummy snacks. I always like to nibble on nuts, dried fruit, rice crackers with almond butter, bananas, just anything that will revitalise your body and mind. Tea is a must for me. Besides your good old breakfast tea or Earl Gray, I also really like the Twining herbal tea. This again, just like the snacks, will give you a refreshing boost in between the boring and endless studying.

Tip 5:

Go to bed on time. If you start an exam looking and feeling like a zombie, you might not get the grades you wanted/expected. This does mean that you'll have to study efficiently during the day, otherwise you'll have to keep on studying late at night because you procrastinated for 3 hours looking up Youtube videos on what to take to your upcoming summer festival (guilty).

Work towards the summer. If that's not a motivation then I don't know what is. Just remember to do your best and you'll be absolutely fine.

p.s I wrote this when I should have been studying physics (Nobody's perfect ok?)

Good luck!

Over and Out