Monday, 17 November 2014

Hey you, you're beautiful!

I'll start off with the fact that I got inspiration for this post from Dizzy Brunette's blog post. I read her one on a down day and it really cheered me up. So I thought I would share the love on my own little blogging platform :) Hope you enjoy it.




♥   It's okay if that packet of biscuits was full 5 minutes ago.

♥   Don't be ashamed to admit that your bed is your best friend.

♥   A big red spot suddenly appeared, just think of it as another piece of some awesome you.

♥   Everyone looks like they've been run over by a bus when they wake up.
♥    Even if you haven't got the moves like Jagger, you can still boogie on the dance floor.

♥   Eyeliner is very hard to master, don't worry practice makes perfect.
♥   My socks rarely match, join the club sista.

♥   Crying for no particular reason can sometimes be a big relief. 

♥   You really needed that extra pair of shoes, just in case. 

♥   Singing along to a hopeless love song is my night time routine, let it go beauty.

♥   Simple, cozy and baggy clothes are a style.

♥   Love yourself, who ever you are I can see that you're an eye-catching beauty.

Even if this only helps one person feel better about him/herself, I'll be a very happy bunny. Have a nice week darlings!

Over and Out


From my Instagram and a photo from We♥It.