Monday, 28 April 2014

My go-to perfumes

As a teenager I do sometimes worry about my body scent. Sounds weird huh, but I just do. All of the time I'm on guard to make sure I'm not getting smelly. A solution is deodorant or perfume.

Disclaimer: I'm by no means a professional perfume fragrance describer.

There are 2 perfumes I've been wearing constantly. Unfortunately they're not cheapest.
Marc Jacobs Honey
30 Ml

The first one is the Marc Jacobs Honey perfume. First of all the packaging of the M.J perfumes are adorable! The first time a got a whiff off this I knew I had to have it in my life and O my gaawwdd that stuff is addictive!  It's very fresh, but it has a sweet edge to it. It kind of reminds me of honey but not as sweet. I'm smelling it right now and I tell you, the next time you're in a place that sells this, take a whiff! You'll bee sold! I wear it in the day time and night
 time! I think it's more of a summer fragrance but if you wanted to you could wear it all year round. Sadly, I cannot afford to buy this immediately after I run out so I'll have to be extra sparing. 

A well loved Chanel perfume! 50Ml
The next one is again a perfume in the pricier side of the spectrum. It's the Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Toilette.
 Again, I'm completely head over heals about this perfume! So fresh, clean but yet young and sweet. It's a fragrance that shouts spring/ summer to me so perfect for this time of the year! (I would still wear this during the winter though!) 

These two perfumes will forever remind me of my teenage years. If I smell these in 10 years time I'll get a flashback to my secondary school years.

So if you're hunting down you're spring/summer fragrance then definitely check out these ones!  

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Ikea: cheap and cheerful candles

Middle: peach candle

I'm sat here, in my garden. The sun  shining, sunnies on my nose, laptop in front of me,  tea by my side and a mind set to blogging. So let's get started.

I went to Ikea, and I picked up some new candles. I love candles, they lighten and brighten your room and they leave a lovely scent, but I don't fancy spending a lot of money on them, as they disappear after a couple of uses and me, as a non job having person, I can't afford to spend a fortune on getting my room to smell fresh

Ikea candles are cheap and cheerful. This time I bought three: one apple, one coconut and mint and one peach.The coconut and apple one were £0.95 and the peach one was £2.50, this one comes with a lid so the fragrance doesn't evaporate when you're not burning it. 

I wasn't sure about the apple one but to my surprise it does leave my room smelling fresh. The coconut one reminds me so much of holiday. The tropical scent makes me want to go to a warm, sunny country. The peach one makes me think of sitting on a terrace with a cold drink and friends on a Sunday afternoon in the summer. Weird that a candle makes my mind float  away like that, but it does.

They smell and look springy/summery. More scents were available, if I remember correctly there was an orange,lemon,rose,lavender,strawberry,vanilla,fig, etc. candle available. These candles all have different colours. All of the colours were bright and would've lightened up any dull area in your house. 

So if you're on a budget and you want some nice fragrances then head to Ikea.  
Left to right: Apple, peach, coconut and mint

Friday, 11 April 2014

Spring, Summer time

Spring.. Sprang... Sprung... Summer

Oh I do love spring and summer. For me it means getting to eat out side, going on holiday, drinking refreshing drinks, sunbathing, swimming, wearing fresh, bright clothing and so much more! 

The warm weather is starting to make an appearance and that means the woolly jumpers and boots have to take break and make place for the lighter, brighter clothing. Different prints like floral prints and polka dots are definitely the kind of prints that shout spring/summer to me. 

Sometimes I don't fancy getting my legs out but I don't fancy wearing jeans either so I just roll with a maxi skirt or long floaty trousers. They cover up my legs without being to warm and sweaty. 

I'm one of those fair skinned people, it doesn't stop me from wearing short sleeved tops, it just means I have to be a bit more careful when it comes to running around in the sun. ( factor 50 for me )

Something else I love about the sunshine is the fact that I can wear sunglasses without looking like a idiot, because everybody's wearing them. Sunnies immediately give you that spring/summer look whilst  protecting your eyes. 

p.s Yes I did hang my clothes in a tree, I thought the blossoms just captured the spring feel.

p.p.s No I don't feel like a weirdo doing this because bloggers just do thing like this, well I hope they do.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Must see place: Isles Of Scilly

Summer 2013

In my 16 years of living I haven't visited a lot of places but there is one particular place you should definitely visit.

Isles Of Scilly, Abbey garden 2004
Isles Of Scilly, Abbey gardens 2004
My favourite place will never change: The Isles Of Scilly. I cannot begin to describe this without wanting to go back there. The price may put you off but you'll get your money's worth. Why is this place so special to me? My family has been going there since the 80's, my parents got married there, and I have been going there all my life. My best memories have been made there. As I believe that memories are very important and I'm the memory maker of the family this place is my top memorymaking place.

Isles Of Scilly summer 2013
Even before you've arrived the relaxed atmosphere is present while boarding the boat, The Scillonian, which brings you over to the islands. It can be a rough crossing and it's known to make people seasick but for me it's all part of the adventure of going to Scilly. If you're lucky you can sometimes spot dolphins on the way. 

The atmosphere of the islands captures me every time. We always stay on the Garrison campsite on St. Mary's, the largest of the 5 inhabited islands.The group I go with take up a whole camping field. In the evenings we sit around and drink tea, if it's raining we take our tea and chairs inside one of our tents and we play cards. For some children of my age this doesn't seem like their dream holiday but for me this is just perfect.  
These island may be small but they've got a lot going on. You won't be bored! Activities include gig racing, snorkeling, cycling, walking, swimming, sand castle making, sunset watching, ... For me this sums up a perfect holiday!

You'll meet a lot of different people: fishermen, artists, fudge makers, farmers, boatmen, boatboys,... even though they have different jobs they all have on thing in common: they all enjoy the islandlife and they're proud to call it their home.

I can go on and on for ever about the beaches, gig racing, walking, the weather etc. but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to stop writing.

If you're interested in visiting this place go and take a look at the tourist guide website: 

 If you've been there before and your looking for somewhere to stay, my parents own a guesthouse on Scilly. 
Back of Strand House 2014

Isles Of Scilly 2008

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

About me

Get to know me a little bit

Hi to the few people who might be reading this. I'm a 16 year old girl who decided to join the world of blogging. Where did I get the idea? Well from YouTube. I spend an excessive amount of time watching videos of YouTubers who tell me how to apply make up. They all have a blog and they all enjoy writing about the things they're loving at that moment. I thought it would be a good idea to join them in this magical blogging world, this idea has been in my mind for quite a while so now is the time to make this idea reality. This blog, if I decide to keep it, will be a blog with some beauty, my style and probably a lot of random things that occur too often in my life.

My confidence isn't very present so I'll probably not share this with a lot of people. Just because I'm a scaredy cat. I thought about waiting until I'm 18 and when I leave secondary school but I see more and more younger YoutTubers and bloggers, so why not?

Now on to the blogging: As you must have gathered by now I'm a 16 year old girl. I live in Belgium but my country of origin is England. I moved away about 12 years ago with my family. Frequent trips to England make sure we don't lose contact with friends and family who still live over there. I do miss it sometimes but I'm very thankful for my life, friends and family who live in Belgium. I cannot complain about my life at all! With my two older sisters and my 2 older half- brothers,who I love just as much, I'm the youngest of five. Sometimes this is lovely and sometimes it sucks. I see them doing all of the fun stuff, like driving, yes to me this seem magical, that i would like to do as well.
My school life is just like any other school life: long days, hungry all day long and a sickly bus ride there and back. My friends: Kristina, Eline and Sarah, whom I've known for at least 13 years and Elise,Jana and Louise whom I've known for 4 years, make it a lot easier!

I'll leave it at this as this is only my first blog post and I don't want to drag it out for ages. I could write a lot more but the few people that might be reading this will get bored, if they aren't already.

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