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Must see place: Isles Of Scilly

Summer 2013

In my 16 years of living I haven't visited a lot of places but there is one particular place you should definitely visit.

Isles Of Scilly, Abbey garden 2004
Isles Of Scilly, Abbey gardens 2004
My favourite place will never change: The Isles Of Scilly. I cannot begin to describe this without wanting to go back there. The price may put you off but you'll get your money's worth. Why is this place so special to me? My family has been going there since the 80's, my parents got married there, and I have been going there all my life. My best memories have been made there. As I believe that memories are very important and I'm the memory maker of the family this place is my top memorymaking place.

Isles Of Scilly summer 2013
Even before you've arrived the relaxed atmosphere is present while boarding the boat, The Scillonian, which brings you over to the islands. It can be a rough crossing and it's known to make people seasick but for me it's all part of the adventure of going to Scilly. If you're lucky you can sometimes spot dolphins on the way. 

The atmosphere of the islands captures me every time. We always stay on the Garrison campsite on St. Mary's, the largest of the 5 inhabited islands.The group I go with take up a whole camping field. In the evenings we sit around and drink tea, if it's raining we take our tea and chairs inside one of our tents and we play cards. For some children of my age this doesn't seem like their dream holiday but for me this is just perfect.  
These island may be small but they've got a lot going on. You won't be bored! Activities include gig racing, snorkeling, cycling, walking, swimming, sand castle making, sunset watching, ... For me this sums up a perfect holiday!

You'll meet a lot of different people: fishermen, artists, fudge makers, farmers, boatmen, boatboys,... even though they have different jobs they all have on thing in common: they all enjoy the islandlife and they're proud to call it their home.

I can go on and on for ever about the beaches, gig racing, walking, the weather etc. but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to stop writing.

If you're interested in visiting this place go and take a look at the tourist guide website: 

 If you've been there before and your looking for somewhere to stay, my parents own a guesthouse on Scilly. 
Back of Strand House 2014

Isles Of Scilly 2008

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