Friday, 11 April 2014

Spring, Summer time

Spring.. Sprang... Sprung... Summer

Oh I do love spring and summer. For me it means getting to eat out side, going on holiday, drinking refreshing drinks, sunbathing, swimming, wearing fresh, bright clothing and so much more! 

The warm weather is starting to make an appearance and that means the woolly jumpers and boots have to take break and make place for the lighter, brighter clothing. Different prints like floral prints and polka dots are definitely the kind of prints that shout spring/summer to me. 

Sometimes I don't fancy getting my legs out but I don't fancy wearing jeans either so I just roll with a maxi skirt or long floaty trousers. They cover up my legs without being to warm and sweaty. 

I'm one of those fair skinned people, it doesn't stop me from wearing short sleeved tops, it just means I have to be a bit more careful when it comes to running around in the sun. ( factor 50 for me )

Something else I love about the sunshine is the fact that I can wear sunglasses without looking like a idiot, because everybody's wearing them. Sunnies immediately give you that spring/summer look whilst  protecting your eyes. 

p.s Yes I did hang my clothes in a tree, I thought the blossoms just captured the spring feel.

p.p.s No I don't feel like a weirdo doing this because bloggers just do thing like this, well I hope they do.

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