Thursday, 17 April 2014

Ikea: cheap and cheerful candles

Middle: peach candle

I'm sat here, in my garden. The sun  shining, sunnies on my nose, laptop in front of me,  tea by my side and a mind set to blogging. So let's get started.

I went to Ikea, and I picked up some new candles. I love candles, they lighten and brighten your room and they leave a lovely scent, but I don't fancy spending a lot of money on them, as they disappear after a couple of uses and me, as a non job having person, I can't afford to spend a fortune on getting my room to smell fresh

Ikea candles are cheap and cheerful. This time I bought three: one apple, one coconut and mint and one peach.The coconut and apple one were £0.95 and the peach one was £2.50, this one comes with a lid so the fragrance doesn't evaporate when you're not burning it. 

I wasn't sure about the apple one but to my surprise it does leave my room smelling fresh. The coconut one reminds me so much of holiday. The tropical scent makes me want to go to a warm, sunny country. The peach one makes me think of sitting on a terrace with a cold drink and friends on a Sunday afternoon in the summer. Weird that a candle makes my mind float  away like that, but it does.

They smell and look springy/summery. More scents were available, if I remember correctly there was an orange,lemon,rose,lavender,strawberry,vanilla,fig, etc. candle available. These candles all have different colours. All of the colours were bright and would've lightened up any dull area in your house. 

So if you're on a budget and you want some nice fragrances then head to Ikea.  
Left to right: Apple, peach, coconut and mint

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