Wednesday, 9 April 2014

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Get to know me a little bit

Hi to the few people who might be reading this. I'm a 16 year old girl who decided to join the world of blogging. Where did I get the idea? Well from YouTube. I spend an excessive amount of time watching videos of YouTubers who tell me how to apply make up. They all have a blog and they all enjoy writing about the things they're loving at that moment. I thought it would be a good idea to join them in this magical blogging world, this idea has been in my mind for quite a while so now is the time to make this idea reality. This blog, if I decide to keep it, will be a blog with some beauty, my style and probably a lot of random things that occur too often in my life.

My confidence isn't very present so I'll probably not share this with a lot of people. Just because I'm a scaredy cat. I thought about waiting until I'm 18 and when I leave secondary school but I see more and more younger YoutTubers and bloggers, so why not?

Now on to the blogging: As you must have gathered by now I'm a 16 year old girl. I live in Belgium but my country of origin is England. I moved away about 12 years ago with my family. Frequent trips to England make sure we don't lose contact with friends and family who still live over there. I do miss it sometimes but I'm very thankful for my life, friends and family who live in Belgium. I cannot complain about my life at all! With my two older sisters and my 2 older half- brothers,who I love just as much, I'm the youngest of five. Sometimes this is lovely and sometimes it sucks. I see them doing all of the fun stuff, like driving, yes to me this seem magical, that i would like to do as well.
My school life is just like any other school life: long days, hungry all day long and a sickly bus ride there and back. My friends: Kristina, Eline and Sarah, whom I've known for at least 13 years and Elise,Jana and Louise whom I've known for 4 years, make it a lot easier!

I'll leave it at this as this is only my first blog post and I don't want to drag it out for ages. I could write a lot more but the few people that might be reading this will get bored, if they aren't already.

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