Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Healthy summer snacks

 One of the nicest things in the summer months is a refreshing ice cream or a fresh sugary lemonade on a scorching hot day. If there are a lot of those kind of days well then I'm gonna be gaining some pounds and that is not what we want is it now? So I'm going to show you some of the snacks that I like eating in the summer time.

Frozen Grapes:

Some of you might think I'm crazy but let me explain: If you have a sweet tooth like me then you'll love these! They remind me of ice cream, the Callipso kind. Sweet, cold, refreshing,and very satisfying. Just put a bowl of them in the freezer and leave over night. The next day you'll be left with these small individual portions of goodness. After dinner put them on the table and they're a worthy replacement of ice cream. This will work well with green as blue grapes.

I've also used this 'technique' on blueberries and it worked just as well.

Vegetable Dip:

If you crave salty things then this one is for you. It's probably something you've already heard of but I really enjoy eating this, even for lunch. Chose your favorite raw vegetables and chop them up in strips so they are easily dippable. I really like carrots, cucumber, cauliflower and red or yellow peppers. Then for the dip: take cream cheese or mayonnaise ( the light version), and mix it with low fat or regular Greek yoghurt. To season you can add salt and pepper to taste also some chives would be nice.

                                                   Chocolate covered strawberries:

You might be thinking chocolate? Well yes, if you dip them in dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate they'll be healthier. Always a crowd pleaser these ones! Simple but effective.

Lemon/mint water:

Not technically a snack but it's still a taste-a-like of lemonade. Not really, but I'd like to think so. It's refreshing especially if you add ice cubes. Great during lunch/dinnertime or great for cooling down after a hot walk in the sunshine. Another thing to add to your jug of water is mint. With or without the lemon, it tastes great either way. Here I used mint as I didn't have any lemons in the house.

 So these are a couple of nice and simple things for you to snack on during the warmer months.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost and I hope to see you guys soon.

Over and Out

 p.s I was eating Oreos whilst writing this. Me? healthy all of the time? No :)


  1. This was so nice and interesting!:)Keep in touch xoxo

    1. Ouh thanks! You're my first commenter :) I feel honoured!