Sunday, 31 August 2014

Week Snippet #1

My week (Monday 25th - Sunday 31st)



Blogging with the essentials (tea, notepad, computer) and a light spot of baking at 9pm.When you've got the baking feeling you just have to grasp that moment.


 The depressing end of the holiday :(


In search of my autumn coat. How relaxing is online shopping?!


Booking a trip to London and buying a last minute festival ticket.


A little bit of shopping never hurt anybody. The Body Shop products smell like heaven.


Jospop 2014, you were amazing and extremely muddy! ( I might have had a little slip and fall, no shame. My clothes were covered in mud.)


A lovely family party for my nans birthday. As always there was a hell of a lot of food and enough energy to last for a week.

To all of you who are returning to the depths of hell a.k.a school, good luck! Just work hard and you'll be fine! Hope you enjoyed this post!


Over and Out


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