Saturday, 27 December 2014

Bobbi Brown Heaven


It has happened, I am no longer a stranger to Bobbi Brown. On my blog I have said it a few times, the balance on my bank account does not allow me to buy high end make-up. My mom however managed to gobsmack me. She got me a shiny, black, wrapped with red ribbon box with the glorious letters spelling out Bobbi Brown. Imagine it: angels singing,heavenly light coming from above and a speachless girl in her Christmas Pj's. My Christmas has been perfected

 Disclaimer: I have no intention of bragging. I just wanted to share my thoughts on these products.

Product n°1   -  Nail polish - Cherry Tomato

This is a beautiful red. Not a dark oxblood red but a red phone box kind of red. The brush is just your standard brush. The formula is very opaque in one coat. If you're in a hurry just one coat of this and you'd be good to go. I Like how they haven't over complicated the packaging, it's sober and stylish.

Product n°2  -  Lip Balm SPF 15

This is a gorgeously packaged pink coloured lip balm. It has a thick consistency without being sticky and unpleasant.The anti-drying effect of it will be tested out by using it for a bit longer.

Product n°3  - Smokey Eye Mascara

Let me first of all state that the packaging of this product is classy and sophisticated, the complete opposite of me. All of these products make me feel grown up and classy (I'm clearly not but girl is allowed to dream, isnt' she?). The few times that I've used this have not really blown me away. It doesn't give masses of volume or length. However I can see the smokeyness of it. The brush hugs the lashes and separates them at the same time. All in all it's a good mascara.

Product n°4  -  Foundation Stick - 3 Beige

At first sight I thought it would be too yellow but once blended, which is does like a dream, it's okay. It's light weight but it covers up all the things that you want to get rid of. I personally wouldn't put it on my whole face. I apply it under my eyes and on my chin as a base under my foundation.

Product n°5  -  Warm Glow Eye Palette

I kept the best for last. This palette contains 9 warm, browny/goldy eye shadows that range from shimmery to mat. They're buttery, smooth, a dream to blend and it has all the colours I could have ever wished for. It's a little gem. Perfect for the party season! The packaging is very unique and luxurious with it's faux croc leather exterior.

 I could not have wished for a better Christmas present. I have been spoiled this year. Thank you momma, your the best! Hope you had an amazing Christmas and I wish you all a very happy New Year!

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  1. I LOVE Bobbi Brown; your present was so beautiful! Loved this post; your descriptions are perfect

    1. Bobbi Brown is heaven :) Thank you for the lovely comment!


  2. Such a lovely post, so well written :) the palette looks gorgeous x

    1. thank you for that lovely comment :) The eye palette is just a dream! :D