Sunday, 11 January 2015

Muppets Most Wanted

Christmas has been and gone and it has left me with a few bits to review. I've already reviewed a body shop product - here and some Bobbi Brown products - here. Now it's time for some nail polish goodness. The Disney for O.P.I  Muppets Most Wanted mini gift set made its way under my Christmas tree. So lets get straight into the review. 



Polish n°1: Miss Piggy's Big Number

This is a sapphire blue with tiny shimmery particles running through it. In a gift set you usually have 1 or 2 colours that don't really appeal to you. At first sight this was the one for me. It's definitely not a colour I'd normally wear but don't judge before you've tried it. The nail polish is really opaque and is has good lasting power, minimal chippage!

Polish n°2: Chillin' Like A Villain

This is most definitely not a colour I would've picked out myself. It's an orange nude. I personally don't really like this colour but again the lasting power is amazing! This one did need 3 coats to get a nice colour coverage.

Polish n°4: Kermit me to speak

This one is without doubt my favourite. This such an interesting colour that looks different in the light. It's a green/purple varnish with shimmer running through it. Nothing like I own in my collection. I was most exited to use this one and it did not disappoint. Two coats and you're good to go. It stayed put during the busy week after Christmas, it only chipped slightly.

Polish n°4: I Love Applaus

A baby pink or a milky pink as I like to call it. This, like Chillin' Like A Villain, does need 3 coats but it's well worth it. It looks sweet and girly on  the nails and it just adds a little je ne sais quoi. 

Now I've had a taste of O.P.I  I want to go back for more....

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